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 Agnieszka Gzyl   

After graduating from the university, I became an interior architect and learned to work with an assortment of materials, one of which was construction silicone. Now as an artist, I use silicone in my paintings, to give them a three dimensional effect, making them touchable. It has been proven by science that a child’s development is shaped by the experiences that he has with the outside world primarily through the senses of sight and touch. Drawing attention to these senses increases the child’s understanding of how to communicate and build relationships with each other. By using that phenomenon I can better connect with the viewers through these senses. It allows them to discover my artworks in very natural way that goes back to the habits of their childhood. My artwork has a variety of textures and can also be felt by individuals who are visually challenged.  I am striving to communicate my emotions which were present during the creation of my artworks to people of all physical capabilities.


“I consider my art to be real but without being realistic, and  should hold a great epic quality in its abstraction with pleasure and tinge of pain.” 

Aga Gzyl, Do Not Walk In The Woods, 2017, silicone on canvas, 100 x 80cm
Aga Gzyl_MY DESTINY,2016, 100x70cm,silicone, pure silver on canvas
Crashers - Awaiting Vol.1, 100x100cm,2017,silicone on linen
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