Urban Art has Spread the Globe and Cultivated Urban Centers. Why not the Cosmos?

One can only imagine that Urban Art will rocket into the cosmos...be sent into orbit around the earth or created for the historic mission of landing on Mars. Urban art will have the cosmos for its playground.

--Alan Freshman

Urban art has spread and propagated so much in our urban cities around the globe. It is now so mainstream that it has permeated our state of being and daily awareness. Why wouldn't it spread into outer space and cultivate the celestial bodies and dark matter of the cosmos?

It is a sophisticated art form derived from its predecessors of Street & Graffiti Art. The art form often depicts a wide array of social, cultural or political symbols and forms of expression. Graffiti & Street art spread rapidly on facades of buildings for a means of creative expression until it caused urban blight. It was soon whitewashed to a large degree from many urban centers though it is an undeniable derivative of Urban Art. The new trend of Urban Art raises our awareness and shifts our perceptions about ourselves and culture.

The examples above are works by Urban artist, STOWN, and an anonymous graffiti artist on a New York city building. STOWN infuses retro color schemes with abstract cartoon-like characters, which are rendered and brought to life on canvas or by means of murals on buildings. The example of Street Graffiti catches my eye for its signature style and street artist's identity.