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Artist & Mastering the Inner Game: How does Procrastination feel to you?

Procrastination may feel like encountering a wall or even a labyrinth of complex passageways and feeling there is no egress or way out. I believe that we all find ourselves up against a wall at some point in time and unable to lead the way out of our dilemma or difficult uncertainties present in the mind. I know from experience that it feels like a state of stagnation. Nothing seems to flow or be in harmony with me. Things may feel out of alignment. There are strong feelings of frustration and resignation until one can break through the walls and find a way out of the complex passageways of the labyrinth.

The quickest way to break through procrastination is developing a practice of successful habits and rituals on a daily basis. Others may need to work through the somatization process of past emotional memories and their encumbrances.


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