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Business Coach/
Success Catalyst
for Artists

Get On the Fast Track
to Success & Well-being
in 2024

Life Coaching to address Grief & Tragedy is now coming available

Who Am I?

I am Alan Freshman

I am here to support you on the artistic journey and help you build a sustainable and successful career. I use a solution-focused and strategy-oriented coaching model empowering clients to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. An alternative, total holistic style of coaching is also available for candidates who prioritize personal development.  By offering my ongoing support, motivation, and a safe space, artists can feel at ease discussing any life challenges or issues. I welcome both emerging and established artists to take this critical step to re-ignite creativity and revitalize your career.

Now offering Grief Coaching to address tragedies!

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How Can I Help You?

Mindset and Confidence Building


Help artists overcome self-doubt, rejection, imposter syndrome, and other mental barriers

Goal Setting & Action Planning

Coaches help artists set achievable short-term and long-term goals

Negotiation and Professional Development

Coaches equip artists with negotiation skills, helping them navigate contracts, agreements, and client interactions

Financial Management

Help artists understand pricing strategies, budgeting for projects, tracking expenses, and setting up financial systems to ensure a sustainable art career

Business Strategy Development

Set clear goals, defining target audiences, and planning how to achieve those goals within the context of the art market

Accountability and Support

Coaches provide accountability, ensuring artists follow through on their plans and goals

Portfolio Review and Development

Coaches provide constructive feedback on an artist's portfolio, helping them curate their work to showcase their strengths and align with their goals

Adapting to Industry Changes

The art market is dynamic, and coaches keep artists informed about industry trends, helping them adapt their strategies to changing market conditions

Our Services


Helps artists get clear about their career challenges and desired short-term and long-term goals


Offers artists one-hour sessions for the short-term to help artists focus on specific areas like Mindset, Business Strategy Development, Goal Setting & Action Planning, or Accountability & Support


(12 hours), ($1,800) Offers a comprehensive coaching & professional development program to help artists build a successful and sustainable art career.  Provides 1-hour sessions each week or 4 times a month. Unlimited client support between weekly sessions.

What People Say About My Work?

"At the beginning of 2023, I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Alan as my coach. He provided me with unwavering support and displayed a remarkable openness of heart. From our very first session, I felt a strong connection and developed a sense of trust towards him. 

He demonstrated a deep understanding of my problems and dilemmas and guided me toward the necessary steps required to achieve my goals."

Darko Mesek

Get Your Hands on my


Photo Book

My Photo Book celebrates the 35th anniversary of my photography from the mid-eighties to the present. I capture portraits of people on the streets of New York City and their enormous range of human emotions. The photographic journey then shifts away from the streets, and I begin to compose abstract, organic figures with driftwood, rocks and other materials found in nature.

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